I. Prologue
The Dark Covenant is a gaming guild founded in early 1995 in the first MMORPG to really flourish, Neverwinter Nights. This AD&D gold box game created by SSI specifically for AOL basically started a new generation of gaming. The game brought to life the original pen and paper RPG, matching Player versus Player in turn based combat, and creating what might possibly be the most organized community a game has ever seen. The Dark Covenant was originally founded by a handful of players who had grown bored with conventional guilds. We were originally what was considered an “alt guild.”

As the years passed, gaming evolved, and so did the Dark Covenant. The guild dropped in size at the end of NwN, and perhaps 8 solid members remained. Those members moved on to Ultima Online, where they molded the Covenant into what they sought in a guild. Too long had drama, chaos, and lack of will doomed guilds and their players. The time had come to make the step towards solidarity. Self-sufficiency, dependency only on your brethren, and assuredness in the competency of your compatriots are what we live by. Membership is simply not for everyone, as our Order differs from most common guilds.

II. Roots
As the Covenant moves between realms, its power does not diminish. Once, we were priests and assassins of the Drow god Vhaerun: a cruel and chaotic god who cared little of the Covenant itself, and more of its manipulation of mortals. When the Time of Troubles befell Toril (NwN closed in 1996) the Covenant was abandoned by our deity. With what little power we could muster, a handful escaped our pending deaths and found refuge in the land of Sosaria. There we agreed to serve the imprisoned demi-god, The Guardian, in exchange for magic and power. A new Master of Night was chosen, Xyntari, an original founder and our leader in this new realm. The Covenant grew. We began to wreak havoc upon the citizens of Sosaria, claiming Jhelom as our home. The Guardian was pleased.

Time passed and a temple was erected. We of the Covenant began slowly to distance ourselves from the Chaos that the Guardian had encouraged of us. The Guardian became infuriated, and brought forth his minions which had lain dormant during his imprisonment. Our temple was destroyed, and the Dark Covenant was again stripped of our power.

Weakened, we had to rebuild once more. This time, one thing was made certain: The Covenant would never again serve under another. We regained our power, and a new Master of Night was chosen. Laws were set to stone, and Chaos would never reside inside the temple again. New arts were mastered, including the ability to travel to distant realms, and many wondrous artifacts collected. The Temple of the Dark Covenant grew in size, and its size still grows to this day.

III. Gaming
The Covenant is not for everyone. This is the most important thing that people must understand. We are by far not the oldest gaming guild, but we do have a rich history, lasting from NwN to Uo, Everquest, Asheron’s Call, Shadowbane, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, through the Age of Conan, and into Warhammer Online.

We are a Player versus Player guild. We enjoy competing against other players – AI is simply not enough, though it can prove to be entertaining from time to time. Role-playing is another thing that is welcome. Too long have guilds distanced themselves from their role-play roots. Our names, our speech, and our actions are restricted. Our members must have high expectations of themselves, for we have high expectations of them. Speaking like a child is not only an embarrassment. but a poor representation of the guild. Silence best serves us. Gloating does not. Our motto is simple: Kill and move on.

IV. Charter

A. The Temple
The Temple is comprised of 6 tiers:

The first and foremost is leadership. The Master of Night was the given title of the entity most preferred by Vhaerun. Today the Master of Night is selected by our members themselves. The list is small, but our past MoN’s include Poesiden, Darius II, Xyntari and the current MoN of many years, Bannok.

Serving by his side are the Master of Shadows and the Master of Sorrows. The Master of Shadows is the second highest ranking member of the temple. He acts as the leader when necessary, and watches over the daily tasks of the Shadows.

Often the most important source of advice within the guild, the position of Master of Sorrows was created for discipline. Cunning and cold hearted, this rank was first bequeathed to Wormtongue, Bane of Jhelom, and perhaps the most celebrated of the Coven during its stay in Sosaria. The Master of Sorrows deals with all that is martial and arcane. The driver of the war machine, he is a scholar and a solider, his loyalty to the Covenant knowing no end.

The Arch-Shadows and Shadows complete the Covenant. Arch-Shadows are the most elite the Temple can offer. They have served the Temple relentlessly and have given more then any could ask.

Shadows are found as the common member of the Covenant. Learned in the ways of magic and combat, the Shadow is the backbone of the Temple. Without Shadows to guide, failure would be commonplace.

One rank remains under the Shadow, the Retainer. Retainers are commoners who seek entrance to the Dark Covenant. Through a process of elimination a select few are awarded the rank of Retainer. This is where they begin the quest to become a Shadow. After a trial and a vote by all member of the Covenant, the Retainer will either be released or shown the way of the Shadow.

B. The Laws of the Covenant
We are a strict guild. Members are forbidden to participate in any smack talk or gloating. Members are encouraged to be both self-dependent and group friendly, as we live and die by each other. We will always abide by the ToS and will not allow the use of 3rd-party programs or exploits. Yes, gaming is supposed to be fun, but we find no fun in running UOE or Duping Plat. That is not what this guild is about.

Conversely, fighting fair is of no importance to us. We do what we must to win; we have no problem slaughtering a lone enemy. Do not waste your breath asking for a fair fight, as we do not associate outside the guild. Once you enter the Covenant, all ties to both family and friends are severed. We expect nothing less. Anything else would stir up drama, and we have little time for that. Most of us have full-time jobs and families; we can only dedicate so much time to our hobby. Thus, our time spent has to be direct and progressive, not regressing into bickering and crying.

We ask a lot, but we have found that our players stick around. Some of them have been here since 1995. Our core has remained unchanged and has grown well since UO. We will continue to grow and flourish within the gaming community.

C. Application
Applying is simple. Fill out an application, contact a member, and post a introduction. Be forewarned, we plan to keep the roster small. We have no intentions of becoming a huge flavor of the month guild. Certain exceptions will be made for friends and family, but even they may be voted out at the end of their service. If you consider yourself a competent player and seek literate, normal people to game with, then inquire. If you are a total “U R SuX” child who is still in his teens, save yourself some time and just hit close.